Alliance Building Materials Limited

Alliance Building Materials Limited (ABML) is in the business of importing and marketing “Shera” fibre-cement products, which have a variety of internal and external building use including; ceilings, partitions, floors, decoration panels, exterior planks, amongst other uses. Shera has been certified by the Green Label of Singapore and is a member US Green Building Council. Over the years, Shera fibre-cement products have earned a concrete reputation of being an Eco-friendly Green Product.

Alliance Holdings Ltd. (the parent company of ABML) has a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Thai-Olympic Fibre Cement Co. of Thailand (owner of the Shera brand), to go into commercial production of fibre-cement in Bangladesh once ABML is successful in gaining the targeted market share.

Thai-Olympic Fibre-cement Co. is one of the largest producers of fibre-cement products in the world.

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