Corporate Social Responsibility

Firdaus Nasir Trust

Firdaus Nasir Trust (FNT) started its journey as a charitable clinic in March 1996. It is located 50 kilometers from Dhaka in Gorai, Mominnagar in Tangail District. It is a very poor area and predominantly inhabited by the minority community. The nearest hospital is seven kilometers from the clinic.

Till December 2002 it used to be once a week (Friday) clinic. However since then it now operates thrice a week i.e. Friday, Sunday and Tuesday. On average over 100 patients (mostly women and small children) come for treatment every day that clinic is open. It is attended by a Doctor assisted by an administrative assistant.

The Trust was formally registered on 25th May 1999 with 21 members as Trustees. It is chaired by Captain Syed Asghar Rizvi with Mr. Syed Jowher Rizvi as Secretary. Most of the members of the Trust actively participate in the day to day management of the project.

The Trust embarked on construction of a properly designed 10 bed 5500 square feet Hospital in January 2000. The proposed Hospital is spread over two bighas (approximately 31,000 square feet) of land. Based on eight years experience of running the clinic, it was strongly felt that some kind of small hospital exclusively for children and mothers would be highly desirable. By 31st March 2004 the entire civil construction has been completed except the residential quarters for Doctors/Nurses.

So far the entire project has been funded by the trust members. Hence the need to find some organization/group of individuals who will be willing to come forward and manage this charitable project. The trust members would like to continue with their financial contribution and even open to setting up some kind of start up endowment fund for the project.

School for Jaago Foundation

Alliance Holdings Limited has built a school on its land in Gazipur, Dhaka for Jaago Foundation. The School currently has 120 students and for the time being operates on three levels: Reception, K.G. - I and K.G. - II.

Jaago 3

The JAAGO School in Gazipur is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. It is an online school that uses video conferencing technology to teach distant students. Since highly qualified teachers are hard to find in areas like these, JAAGO and Grameenphone together took this initiative to launch a project which ensured that quality of education is not compromised. A moderator is present in the classroom to manage the class and help the students do their class work. This innovative system makes the geographic location a trivial issue that does not come between the students and their right to quality education.

Jaago 2

Jaago 2