Panigram Resorts Limited

Panigram Resorts will be a high-end destination ayurvedic spa resort located on a 15 acre river front property. The resort is located at Chowgacha Thana, Jessore and is just 70 km north of the famous Sundarban mangrove forest and 22km from Jessore Airport.

Apart from being a luxurious resort with a spa and wellness center, Panigram Resorts aims to be a socially and environmentally responsible boutique resort that protects the natural and cultural heritage of Bangladesh. It intends to provide unique travel experiences to travelers, promote sustainable development, and improve the quality of life in the host community.

Being very close to Jessore Airport, the resort is easily accessible by air; it will be made extremely convenient to book accommodation and indulge into the serene luxury of the resort and escape from the hustle of city life.

Panigram Resort is currently operational, interested travelers can enjoy once in a lifetime experience of contributing to the building of an eco resort by participating in the “Panigram Apprentice Experience!”

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