Rabab Fashion Industry Limited

Rabab Fashion Industry Ltd. (RFIL), since its inception in May 2006, has been successfully operating as a reputed company in the Ready Made Garments sector of Bangladesh. Over the years, the company has achieved remarkable growth through high level of professionalism and innovative system design, and thus successfully participated in establishing several companies. Remarkable entrepreneurial skills and capability coupled with a keen business foresight, has enabled RFIL in recent years to secure itself in a notable position in the field of woven garments production.

The factory is located in Gazipur, Bangladesh, with a total work area of about 71,000 sq. ft., and is registered as a compliant factory under Target Corporation, USA. Its main export markets are USA, Canada and Europe. Depending on the style, the production capacity of the factory is approximately 20,000 dozens of clothes per month. Some of the major clients of RFIL are Target (USA & Canada), Walmart (USA & Canada), Kohl’s (USA), Sainsbury & Tesco (UK), NKD Vertribes GMBH (Germany) and Regatta (USA & Canada). RFIL has been awarded by Wrangler, USA and Kaufring, Germany for best/excellent performance. Currently RFIL’s largest customer is Walmart (US). The company currently employs a total of 1,383 employees.