Union Accessories Limited (UAL)

Union Accessories Limited (UAL) is engaged in the business of export oriented garment labels & trims manufacturing industries. Union Accessories Limited started its production in 1999 as a manufacturer and exporter of high quality accessories for 100% export oriented Garments Industries. It produces woven and satin labels, printed labels, woven edge satin ribbons and tags.

UAL’s competitiveness lies in its ability to meet the client’s demand at the shortest possible time without compromising the quality. Some of its major clients are globally popular brands such as Jordache (USA), Best seller (Denmark), LPP (Poland), Charles Vogele (Switzerland), EWM (UK), Zolla (Russia) & Gymnasium (Italy). The company has 40 machineries of world-renowned brands to support its production, out of which Swiss-made 7 Jacob Muller MBJ3 electronically controlled Jacquard rapier looms, German-made eight Mageba looms, Drying, Finishing & Calendaring machine and Italian Willy Label Processing machines are significant.   

For more information, please visit www.unionbd.net/ual